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Tired of looking like a cornfield in a sea of green?

If you hunt the warm southern reaches of the waterfowl migration – the wetlands of South Florida, coastal marshes of the Gulf, southern Pacific Flyway – this is the camouflage pattern for you.

Quackskins is purpose built to disappear into bright green cattails, sawgrass, and bulrush found in warm climates or up north during early Teal season.

Stay undetected.



Soft and


UV resistant

to Last

Made in
the USA


After years of duck hunting in South Florida and settling for the less than ideal camouflage patterns, Quackskins was born out of the need to blend in better. Down here, our vegetation stays green all season long and never dies off. Traditional waterfowl camo patterns are limited to either dead, dry vegetation or dark timber patterns, none of which blend into the marshes, swamps, and low country on the southern edges of the migration.

Quackskins is based on a photo-realistic pattern that you will find anywhere in the southern US, tropics, and even up north during early Teal season. Our products are made in the US, field tested, hunter verified, and designed to withstand the rigors of duck hunting.

Purpose Built  |  For Hunters, by Hunters  |  Made to Last


Best camo I have seen for hunting in the Florida swamps and woods. I won’t head out hunting without it!!!!
– Eric Orlando

Camo that matches the areas I hunt. Comfortable and breathable too.
– Michael Burrell

Bought 2 of these for this season for my husband and his buddy. They were thrilled to finally have something perfect for the Florida landscape.
– Jessica


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